The Nobot

Like a Person in a Robot Suit!With Nobot, you can hire operators with a huge variety of specialist skills. Your Nobot can mow the lawn in the morning, monitor your kids in the afternoon and be a companion on the eveningWhat you get

ABS Exoskeleton

Nobot uses a tough ABS plastic exoskeleton to take what life throws of it and shrug its shoulders (metaphorically!). Nobot’s shoulders don’t really do ‘shrug’…!

Raspberry Pi

The global computer phenomenon, Nobot uses Raspberry Pi as it on-board, low-energy computing resource. Raspberry Pi is computing at its simple best.

Rotating Camera

Nobot uses an HD camera for impeccable viewing quality for the operative, feeding back high definition video as the Nobot sees it first hand.

Touch Screen

We add a touch screen to Raspberry Pi to facilitate certain tasks, for example connecting Nobot to a wifi connection where 3G isn’t available.

Speakers & Mic

Nobot uses a mic and speakers so you can converse with it – and it with you – as if you and the operator are in the same room. Communication is natural.

Connections & 3G

Nobot uses a range of connections for core and extended operations. It comes with a 3G dongle, and also picks up wifi. In addition, Nobot has 3 USB ports.


The Nobot iPad app allows you to operate the Nobot with just an iPad and no need for the ‘Pro’ accessories of Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.

Nobot X1

Our purpose made software ensures that Nobot operation is safe, secure and robust. We ensure that privacy is entirely in your control, as the Nobot owner.