Your Nobot, our Operators’ Market.

Our Operators’ Market takes Nobot to another level. Whatever you need doing, if the Nobot can cover it, we have an operator for you.

Our Operators cover all eventualities. If you need your lawn mowing once a week, as have the right operator for that. If you need some to operate a backhoe day in, day out, you’ll find them in the Operators’ Market easily accessible and on simple terms.

How it works

  • You have something that needs doing.
  • You find the right operator in our marketplace.
  • You give them the ‘keys’ to your Nobot.
  • They do whatever you ask.

Become a Nobot Operator

The Nobot is more than a frivolity. We believe it will change the way the world works. Previously, the internet has changed live for many in the ‘knowledge sector’. Coders, designers: Those dealing in bits and bytes can be located remotely from their clients.

Nobot brings remote working opportunities to a backhoe operator, carer or anyone in a huge variety of more hands on occupations.

There are two ways to work as a paid Nobot operator: Join us in one of our facilities where we provide training, certification and the full suite of operator input and control apparatus. Alternatively, sign up as a freelancer, build a reputation and operate Nobot professionally for others.