Introducing Nobot, Human over IP

Aug 14, 2019 The Nobot

Introducing Nobot, Human over IP

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We’d like to say a quick ‘hello’ from Nobot, some of the fruits of our labour so far this year.

As a team for most of the last decade we’ve worked remotely, with the benefits that entails (and there are many: We recommend this book from the Basecamp people who go into the details about that).

For all these benefits — more time with the family, less time commuting, the right skills for a job irrespective of borders, etc — we are in a minority that can experience this. We are in a minority because we are ‘knowledge workers’. Designers, developers, product people: There is no real need to be tied to a specific location to do the job. The only requirements are a computer and decent internet connection.

At the start of 2015, we set out to try and bring remote working to geographically tied jobs and tasks. Our goal is that almost any job should be possible to undertake from almost anywhere in the world. All someone should need is a computer, a decent internet connection and…. a Nobot.

The Nobot doesn’t cost a million dollars: We set out to make it mass market. It doesn’t, in all honesty, use a massive amount of black box magic: most of its internal organs are off-the-shelf items.

What Nobot does do is give a point of presence for people wherever they may be, to help them undertake chores for which one would normally have to be there in person.

Like a Person in a Robot Suit

We use the tagline ‘Human over IP’, which is what Nobot enables, but more crudely put, it is like a person in a robot suit!

With our Operators Market, you can hire operators from anywhere in the world to do the tasks you need to get done. With our Operators Kit, you can operate the Nobot yourself, wherever it might be.

We hope Nobot will change the way people live and work. For Nobot owners, we hope they’ll spend more time doing the things they want to and less time on the chores they do not.

For Nobot operators, we hope Nobot will give great opportunities to work from home, anywhere in the world.

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