About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place, for all. This might sounds like a grand ambition and it is, but we believe that we can achieve it, even if to the most modest degree.

For Nobot owners, we allow you to delegate the chores and build out the work forces where before this was perhaps not practical or economic.

For our operators, we allow a much wider constituency of people the world over to work in better, more fulfilling roles, participating beneficially in globalisation. Crucially, we do this without contributing to the ‘brain drain’ often associated with those in one country working for those in others.

We believe there is a place for a Nobot in every business and household. We also believe in the worth of human intelligence before artificial intelligence.

Our Company

Our parent company, NOVP Limited, was established in January 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Our core team have been building great internet software products for a decade or so each. We love to get things done and have users engage with our software.

We incorporated Nobot, Inc. in May 2015. We are an independent, privately owned business.