Charge The Money Robot With Windows VPS

Charge The Money Robot With Windows VPS

The money Robert makes your website rank higher in the search engines with the help of webmasters. They help to manage and achieve SEO, it completely depends on software and internet connection. Search Engine Optimization helps to make your website rank higher and bring more organic traffic to the website.

Charge With Windows VPS

SEO helps to improve your business and forecast your products and services to other users. Money Robot is a platform of SEO automatization, they use link-building software to perform all SEO works and provide backlinks. In this blog, we have detailed about Charge the money Robot with Windows VPS.

The search engine looks into the website content and depending on the quality of content they get ranked. Google strongly looked into content when it finds duplicate content on other websites then Google has the power to penalize and reduce the website rank. Hence to solve this issue Money Robot is used, they prevent duplicate content and reorganize them. Using Money Robots from bloggers, small businesses to big organizations get benefited. They help in saving your time, money and energy by reducing all work.

Features of Money Robot’s

  1. Artificial Intelligence – They help to perform like humans using robot detectors.
  2. High-Speed Submission – It helps in handling and performs better in high workforce
  3. Customer Support – 24*7*365 days customer support through email, toll-free number and online chat
  4. Automatic Account Creation – You can activate the account without the human interaction
  5. Captcha Solution – This makes the difference between human and robot, but the Money Robot solves all the captcha
  6. Backlinks – They provide and receive backlinks from other website contents
  7. Auto Update – They help to create many new websites and it is regularly updated in the list and you can submit your content.

Virtual Private Server

To receive the complete advantage of Money Robot they must run on the Windows VPS Server. VPS stores many data in different server location, they allocate the particular location to get complete access over it, they can install, reboot or make any changes in the database. Even then VPS will monitor the files and prevents hacking, spam, malware, and many other threats. The other benefits are:

  • The Money Robot work continuously and monitors each function regularly
  • You can access the Money Robot interface from any part of the world through devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktop.
  • Since they function with separate location, they deliver maximum speed and utilizes all resources
  • Money Robot will handle your server, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth even during unavoidable situations like a failure in internet connection and power shut down.
  • Money Robot gets automatically updated at its regular timing even when your laptop is kept in sleep mode or even your laptop is shut down.


When Windows VPS and Money Robot are configured together and used it create a big change in your business and your website will get ranked easily. They help you to rank higher and earn more income from your website by bringing more organic traffic.

5 Best Ways To Choose The Right Web Hosting For Your Business

The best web content makes your website look attractive and increases website traffic. Web Hosting companies play an important role in making your website more reliable and easily accessible. When you choose a wrong web host then you will be facing many pathetic problems, every day nearly 30,000 websites are hacked to date there is no proper solution to protect from hacking.

Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Business

Web hosting companies provide automatic backup solutions to protect your data from loss in the server. When your website server goes down, customers cannot be able to access the website which in turn reduces the traffic, ranking, and profit. Hence it is always desirable to select the best one, in this blog we have detailed about 5 Best ways to choose the right Web Hosting for your business.

1. Know Your Requirement and Choose the right one

The first basic thing is you need to know what your business requires and decide which Web Hosting Plan meets your requirements. For example, when you are running a video blog then ensure the blog provides 24-hour live streaming, registration of visitors, and able to upload user videos.

The shared hosting saves your money and provides secure and reliable service, but they make your website loading time slow and it is recommended to use Virtual Private Server for handling more traffic. Even though VPS is expensive than others but they provide fast, secured, best performance and customer support.

2. Go through Reviews and Terms of service

It is always recommended to read the review of all service providers and decide the best one which other users recommend. There are many websites who provide genuine feedback and reviews on hosting products, the issues and complaints will also be provided in the third party review.

Most people skip the terms of service column since they do not have the patience to read the points, but it is always necessary to read all the points that the company has mentioned. The points will have a refund policy, guarantees, and other important company norms.

3. Bandwidth and Backup

Many companies assure for bandwidth limit, but that is not the exact you will receive. Always choose the web hosting provider who provides unlimited bandwidth when you receive more traffic for the website. Do go for limited bandwidth since after the provided bandwidth they charge more for what you use.

Regular backup is required since when there is an error in connection or website hacking occurs you will lose all the website data from the server. Hence, choose the web host that provides regular automatic backup and recovery option when the server goes down.

4. Customer Support and Security Features

For whatever web host provider you choose customer support is important. They help to install any update or help to recover from any issue. The provider must be easily accessible either through email, online chat, 24*7 toll-free number. When you select the host check all the features that they have mentioned. The Web Hosting companies must offer a secure socket layer to keep user personal information secured, this also helps while doing online transactions and other payment gateways.

5. Price

Do not stick to hosting companies that provide low price plans. To receive more customers, many companies provide offers on their cost and later you will face many problems in server performance. The loading time will be slow, customer support will not be available, always will face server downtime these factors will affect your website ranking and reduce the traffic.


 It is always recommended to select the correct web hosting company to receive all the features and support. In this blog we have discussed 5 Best ways to choose the right web hosting for your business, this will help you select the perfect one.

How To Replace Your Web Host With A Robot

When the search engine looks at your website, the first thing they view is the robot.txt file, this will indicate the search engine in which information needs to be made available for Web Host users and which should not be. They also help to give the view of XML sitemap locations and indicate the robots.txt.file as “Bot” or “Robot” or “Spider” to recognize.

Web Host With A Robot

The Google bot is referred to as Googlebot, Microsoft bing bot as Bingbot and other search engines also will have their own bot names. The robots.txt acts like a gateway and decides which can be accessed and blocks other accesses. The robots.txt files will be available in your own root folder, when you name an empty file as robots.txt it will reduce the website error that is occurred and rank the website on their own.

When you want to block the access of other users to your website and do not want to get ranked then you can use the code. In this code “*” blocks all the robots and “/” block the access for entering the website by search engines.

#code not to allow any search engine!



Some parts of your website are allowed to crawl, while other parts can also be blocked. For example, when you want to block the access for the cgi-bin folder, temp folder, and junk folder, you can use the below code on your website.

#Blocks Robots from specific folders/directories


Disallow: /cgi-bin/

Disallow: /tmp/

Disallow: /junk/

To allow only one file from many others. For example, if you want to exclude stuff.


Disallow: /~joe/stuff/

If you want your website to get listed in the search engines, then it is important to remove the”*” and “/” which allows search engines to enter your website and get ranked. The below steps help to edit the robots.txt file.

  1. Login the cPanel
  2. Enter into the file manager and go to your website root directory
  3. The robots.txt must be present in the same location as mentioned in your index file of the website
  4. Go to EDITOR that will be present in the menu
  5. Do the changes and saves changes in the right corner

Nobot: The Greatest Good?

“The greatest good, for the greatest number”. That’s how utilitarianism was summarised for me as a kid. (The Wikipedia entry is a bit more nuanced.)

It’s an issue that has been in mind since we’ve been working on Nobot. We aim to have Nobot improve the lives of two sets of people:

  • Nobot owners
  • Nobot operators

Nobot owners will benefit with chores and jobs being undertaken by Nobot operators. Due to the nature of Nobot, many of the operators will be based in lower-cost, poorer countries. This is where the moral principle of utilitarianism came from: Not all of the work undertaken by Nobot operators will be fulfilled by those in the same countries as the Nobot owners.

This conundrum (not everyone considers it one, but we do) has been around ever since globalisation and offshore outsourcing became a thing. There are a myriad of arguments that can be trotted out, for example that outsourcing low value jobs allows natives in richer countries to undertake higher value roles.

Whatever the merits of that argument — and to be frank, it seems a bit thin — we’ve considered the following when figuring out a moral stance with Nobot.

Utilitarianism: We’re all human. If someone gets a job that is ‘50% better’ than a job they would otherwise have, in terms of a positive impact on their lives, then it doesn’t matter where that person is in the world. It is a net gain for a human.

Not a zero sum game: Many of the chores that a Nobot undertakes would not otherwise be undertaken by a third party employed, but by the Nobot owner herself. Nobot will therefore lead to a net increase in employment and a net improvement in

Migration: Nobot, if successful to any degree, will lead to a reduction in migration. We’re not going to explore the benefits or otherwise of migration on destination countries, but for donor (of migrants) countries, it can be a disaster, with the many able, younger, brighter people leaving. It creates a brain-drain, making it an even more uphill struggle for countries to develop.

Nobot is far from alone of having to grapple with these issues: Almost every large company actively outsourced jobs to lower-paid populations where they can.

Nobot potentially impacts this equation however as it opens a raft of jobs tied to a physical location to such an outsourced option. Our goal, what we strive for, is to make a real net positive benefit for people the word over.

We’re not arrogant enough to assume that Nobot will have a big impact, particularly in the earlier years. In all honesty, we expect Nobot to have zero depressive effect on domestic salaries. For each operator Nobot employs however, we expect them to get a 50% increase in salary compared to whatever job they would otherwise be doing.

We hope that will be a tangible improvement Nobot can make, if even for just a few.

Introducing Nobot, Human over IP

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

We’d like to say a quick ‘hello’ from Nobot, some of the fruits of our labour so far this year.

As a team for most of the last decade we’ve worked remotely, with the benefits that entails (and there are many: We recommend this book from the Basecamp people who go into the details about that).

For all these benefits — more time with the family, less time commuting, the right skills for a job irrespective of borders, etc — we are in a minority that can experience this. We are in a minority because we are ‘knowledge workers’. Designers, developers, product people: There is no real need to be tied to a specific location to do the job. The only requirements are a computer and decent internet connection.

At the start of 2015, we set out to try and bring remote working to geographically tied jobs and tasks. Our goal is that almost any job should be possible to undertake from almost anywhere in the world. All someone should need is a computer, a decent internet connection and…. a Nobot.

The Nobot doesn’t cost a million dollars: We set out to make it mass market. It doesn’t, in all honesty, use a massive amount of black box magic: most of its internal organs are off-the-shelf items.

What Nobot does do is give a point of presence for people wherever they may be, to help them undertake chores for which one would normally have to be there in person.

Like a Person in a Robot Suit

We use the tagline ‘Human over IP’, which is what Nobot enables, but more crudely put, it is like a person in a robot suit!

With our Operators Market, you can hire operators from anywhere in the world to do the tasks you need to get done. With our Operators Kit, you can operate the Nobot yourself, wherever it might be.

We hope Nobot will change the way people live and work. For Nobot owners, we hope they’ll spend more time doing the things they want to and less time on the chores they do not.

For Nobot operators, we hope Nobot will give great opportunities to work from home, anywhere in the world.